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Biograf Restaurant

Lunch in premises that breathe the history of the Old Cinema in Bojnice.

Biograf wine bar and restaurant was created by renovating the premises of the first Bojnice cinema from the last century. The original atmosphere here breathes the history of this place and recalls the glorious times of the big stars of the silver screen. It was here that many stories full of passion, joy, excitement and tension took place. Between these walls, the eternal vagabond Charlie Chaplin, the beautiful Sophia Loren, the charismatic Paul Newman, the excellent Milka Vášáryová, or the unforgettable Jožko Kroner lived their film life. The premises are decorated with original period posters of films and actors, old film projectors and other historical artefacts related to the film industry.

Biograf Restaurant

Hurbanovo námestie 42


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