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Train transport

The Prievidza railway station is located on the western edge of the Old Town (center) of the Upper Nitra metropolis and is accessible via T. Vansova street. It is connected to the bus station. It forms an important regional transport hub, which is the intersection of the tracks from Ponitrie and Turiec. The station is equipped with the iKVC system - with the possibility of booking and selling seats, deckchairs and beds in national and international transport, as well as selling national and international tickets.



T. Vansová 9

971 01 Prievidza

Slovakrail information line: 18 188


You can also easily search for a connection from any corner of Slovakia and abroad using the website:


Bus transportation

You can use regular national and international bus lines to Prievidza from Bratislava, Prague, Piešťany, Trenčín, Nitra, Banská Bystrica, Martin, Žilina. Buses stop at the bus station in the center of Prievidza. It is possible to move to the surrounding municipalities by connecting public transport or suburban bus transport, which is provided by SAD Prievidza a.s. To transfer, you can also use various taxi services, which have stands directly in front of the railway station building, or in the premises of Prievidza Bus Station.

SAD Prievidza as provides comprehensive services in the field of private and public, national and international bus transport. You can buy tickets from the driver directly on the bus or online. If you are staying in Prievidza for a longer period of time and plan to use city or suburban transport more often, it is worth getting a chip card, thanks to which you will have tickets cheaper by approximately 5-10%. For more information, visit the website of SAD Prievidza as or the information office directly at the bus station.


T. Vansová 13

971 01 Prievidza

Opening hours: Monday - Friday: 7:00 - 17:00

+421 46 542 67 77


You can also easily search for a bus connection using the website:


Air Transport

Prievidza can also be reached by plane. There is a smaller international airport here, which has a new asphalt and grass runway with all the necessary facilities. It can be used for smaller private bizjets, ultralights or non-motorized aircraft with a maximum capacity of up to 16 people. Prievidza Airport can be used for air connections to Bratislava International Airport or any other airports, for charter flights through Piešťany, but also for sightseeing flights around the area, operated by the local Aeroclub. For subsequent transport from the airport to Bojnice (1.5 km) you can use a taxi.


Letiskova 8

971 03 Prievidza

+421 46 543 06 11

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